Costs of Hosing Beer Festival

Costs of Hosing Beer Festival

Among all the most fun and enjoyable festivals, beer festivals are at the top of the list if not the second best. To think or simply have an idea of hosting one whether as an organization or a family has to be very exciting; it must be. However, planning and actually getting to the point of making it happen can be extremely draining. The most unsettling question that comes with planning such a festival is how much will the whole event will cost. Before deciding on embarking on the journey to hold your dream beer festival, this question has to be answered.

Well, the first thing that will

Well, the first thing that will help a person know how much the budget will be is to know how big the festival will be. A big organization will most likely host a bigger beer festival than a family would. There might be a big difference in how much money will be needed between the two. The cost will depend on the approximate number of people that will be attending based on the number of invitations you’ll be sending. Will, there be more than a thousand people or will it just be 20 family members? Knowing the numbers is important since the location of the festival and everything that needs to be purchased will depend on this number.

After deciding the number of people

After deciding the number of people that will be attending or having a rough idea of how big it will be, the next thing is to decide on the location. Hosting the beer festival at your home will mean that there’ll be no venue charges. Nevertheless, if the venue will be at a hotel or at a park then it means you’ll have to pay for it. The venue cost can be between $4500 to $8000 or more or less. It all depends on the place that you pick because different places charge differently. You can research your ideal venue and see their charges to decide whether it will be convenient for you.

Costs of Hosing Beer Festival

Since it’s a beer festival, there must be the purchasing of beer. This is the most important item since the party wouldn’t happen without it because as the name suggests, it’s a beer festival! Well, what kind of beer would you want and how many? The cost of the beer will rely on the company you get it from. For example, you can have a beer going for $50 and if your guests are 200, then you’ll need about $10,000 or more. The best idea is to get the beers from a brewing company itself or wholesale stores where you can get a discount for a large purchase. Buying from a retail store can be more expensive, but then it depends on your preferences.

Apart from beer, other items have to be purchased such as seats, cups and pay for security. You can hire seats from a company or get them for free from family or friends. Cups can cost a hundred cents each or less depending on where you purchase them from. They can also be free if you decide to use the ones at home or get them for free from other people. The cost of security will be according to the place that you’ll be having and the kind of security companies you’ll be hiring from which can go up to $3000 or even more. Seats and tables will range from $3000 to $5000 or even much more depending on how big they will be. A person can also include other items which will mean more money.

Festivals require so much planning and having to dig deep into your pockets financially; beer festivals are no different. It’s vital to be aware of everything that comes with hosting a beer festival to decide whether you are up for a challenge. Doing it half-heartedly may cause you to make mistakes that will cost you lots of money or even having the worst beer festival. Therefore, take time to decide whether you are ready and do research on how to have a great beer festival. Costs of each festival will always vary because of differences in how people organize and how large events are hosted or even the quality of purchased items for it.